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Rakovic Dusan

“ Interior and furniture designer. He has been living and working in Beijing,China since 2014. Currently, he work as lead interior designer for Thinkwell Group, Asia, on Wintastar, Shanghai. Previous work includes developing of furniture brand Giv in Beijing; design of museums, hotels etc. Before China, he was initiator of Fusion Design Week, member of Uaa collective, and founder of Instant Design Studio in BiH. For Soligna, BiH, he designed two furniture collections, East Collection and Soft Group. ”

Ana-Marija Ilic

“ My name is Ana-Maria, and I am a textile, interior and furniture designer. I am the founder and designer of Minoo Studios. I was born in Pula, but I am Serbian. I associate my eclectic origins with Scandinavian retro designs. Minoo is my vision and concept to combine retro elements, to connect the incompatible, both colours and textures into contemporary design. Club tables were created as a continuation of love towards discovering of different dimensions and shapes and the idea of authentic interior design. In each piece, personal touch is felt and they were designed to bring out contrast and vibrancy together with functionality. ”

Uros Jankovic

“ When it comes to today’s human needs, in the sea of ​​supply and demand of various products that come into the market everyday, I think that those products that are focused on design always stand out. The role of design is to make life easier, simpler and, most importantly, improve its quality. Design does not always have to stand behind a visible or recognizable visuals identity, but on the other hand its usability, simplicity and intuitively must always justify its purpose. When I’m talking about design, I am referring to the product whose functionality extracts its best usable value, and its aesthetics is only a result of interaction between the two. And if it is still elegantly used, then it is a good design. ”

Andjela Antic

“ A good design should speak for itself and serve a customer in a proper way. As Steve Rogers said – Designing a product is designing a relationship. And according to Dieter Rams – good design is both aesthetic and functional and I would add – even multifunctional. For all these reasons my aim is to create a simple designs which will change this world by baby steps and if not change than make it look better because “Less is more”. ”

Misa Vukojicic

“ My name is Misa Vukojicic. I am an architect by profession but I am engaged in carpentry and piece furniture design. I love wood and I don’t like crowds. Tables are massive, heavy and unconventional. More beautiful than functional. These pieces of furniture are primarily sculptures and somewhat less tables. ”