Noted Appearance at the "IMM Cologne 2017" Fair - Soligna

At the recent furniture and interior design fair IMM Cologne 2017, held from 16th to 22nd January 2017, in the city of Cologne, in Germany, in which more than 1,300 exhibitors from around the world took part, Kompanja Boksit ad Milići had a noted appearance. Fair audience was presented with a new line of solid-wood furniture, entirely developed and produced in our own facilities, divided into three separate units: bedroom, living room and dining room. Showpieces, made from the finest oak and beech, attracted the attention of many visitors and potential business partners thanks to their modern design and high quality of manufacture.

News reports about the appearance of Bosnian manufacturers at the fair were made by leading domestic and foreign media, most prominent one being the reportage done by Deutsche Welle (DW), while the Austrian magazine “Wohnkultur” printed a special supplement dedicated to the exhibitors from the joint BiH stand. It is important to emphasize that the fair was realized with the help of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH.

During the fair, representatives of Kompanija have made significant business contacts with renowned companies and designers from the world of furniture and interior design. The greatest interest, traditionally, was expressed by the customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, nevertheless, the subject of export of furniture from Milići was discussed with representatives of companies from the UK, Russia, South Korea, India, Portugal, Italy and others. The business cooperation is expected to be developed in the future through concretisation of requests and signing of contracts.

The appearance of Kompanija Boksit at the most important furniture fair in Europe, and one of the most important in the world, marked a symbolic beginning of the development of our own brand of furniture – Soligna. The new brand brings warmth, simple lines and combines traditional values with modern trends.

Soligna is planned to be the bearer of cooperation with famous designer names, while the special attention will be given to refreshing furniture design creative scene, through various competitions, scholarships and development programs aimed at students and not yet established names from the world of design. The new collections and products, details of the manufacture of furniture, useful information and news, are now available on a new, modern internet presentation at

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